The Dynamic Duo

Joan Evans, President
After many years of specializing in the Yacht Finance industry; connecting with yacht brokers, boat dealers and manufacturers, finance companies, insurance agents, documentation companies, banks and the finest Maritime attorneys; the year of 2002 became the year of change. That is the year that I turned my attentions to the Yacht Documentation industry and formed Anchors Away Vessel Documentation. Now, working with the same people, just from a different direction, I have built a reputation for excellence in the documentation industry, providing much needed customer support and service. Through Anchors Away Vessel Documentation, I am happy to assist in everything from complete closing services (Foreign and Domestic) coordination between buyer/seller/bank and broker to simple Coast Guard documentation or State Titling. I look forward to working with you and providing excellent service with a smile at the lowest rates in South Florida.

Felicia Lassonde, Operations Manager
I finally decided to join Anchors Away Vessel Documentation in the beginning of 2007 as a part-time employee. Quite frankly, I wasnít sure if it would fit into my schedule or if documentation work was for me. I had a long financing background just like Joan did. I started my financing career in 1998 and worked closely with my clients, Brokers, Attorneys , Banks, Insurance Agents, Office Managers and Documentation Services, to prepare closings for the Bank and to gather the documents for documentation for the US Coast Guard, as well as foreign registries. Within the next couple of weeks, I was fortunate enough to be asked by Joan to join her in her venture of documentation. And I gladly accepted. It was the best decision I could have made. I really enjoy being at work and we remember to laugh at least a dozen times a day. I also enjoy being out in the field and meeting the wonderful brokers and staff, that make Anchors Away such a huge success, when, of course, I have the available time. If I havenít gotten to you yet, donít be surprised if I just happen to drop in today or tomorrow. Joan and I try to accommodate every client, whether itís an easy or difficult transaction. And we pride ourselves at how quickly we can get documents out to you. You see, Joan would work till all hours of the day to make sure that documents were ready for an ďI need the documents, todayĒ closing. And, now with me here, you can certainly count on us for a quick response. Also, if you are nearby, and you need us to attend a closing, we will do that as well. WE prepare the documents, send the executed documents to the Coast Guard, State Title, State registrations, and prepare deletions. WE set up Corporations, both domestic and foreign. WE believe that WE are a great team that WE will provide first class customer service, reliability and hard work to make all your transactions as pleasant as possible.

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